I have this theory.  Ok maybe it’s more of a mission.  I believe that individuality can change the world.

After all, everyone is unique.  Everyone has their own special interests, talents, gifts, creativities, etc.  Everyone has something that makes them special.  These things are precious and have infinite value because they are one of a kind.  They cannot be duplicated or imitated.

Economics puts great value on things that are in very limited quantity – artwork, diamonds, limited edition Star Wars memorabilia, etc.  However, none of these things are as truly one of a kind as a person’s individuality.  Why don’t we place the same value on what makes people unique?

Far too often, society has taught people that what makes you special and unique is to be seen as different, and being different is a bad thing.  Therefore, kids who have a special gift or passion squelch that light as soon as they are old enough to be conscious of this world that is telling them it’s not OK to shine.

Or, they are told that what they are passionate about will never make them money, so they should give up trying and go get a day job.  They are told to conform and to imprison their unique talents and gifts to the land of the hobby, desperately gasping for air on nights, weekends, any free time.  But always being crushed by society’s mandate – the things that make you happy are not the things that make you money.

I want to change this.  FOREVER.

The continued practice of generality or blending into the crowd is keeping our world in a constant state of slumber.  We need to wake up.  We need to see that there is an infinite sea of positive vibrations waiting for us once we connect monetary value with the value of individualism.

Think about it.  How do you feel when you are a customer or a client of someone who is doing what they love?  How do you think that person feels providing a product or a service that is aligned with their essence?  The two main energies that are involved in this exchange are love and gratitude.

Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make me a Millennial

The business owner exudes love because they are tapping into their unique gifts to provide their product or service, and the client or customer exudes gratitude for receiving the fruits of the business owner’s passion.  The business owner is also likely grateful to have the opportunity to call this his or her career!

This energy exchange is extremely uplifting, and I think we have all felt it every time we have “shopped local” or purchased a piece of art from a local artist, or tasted food made by a local chef, etc.

So now, we see that it’s no longer about a commercial exchange.  It’s about an energy exchange.  And if you had the choice of what type of energy you wanted to exchange on a daily basis, wouldn’t you choose the higher energy option?  Wouldn’t you choose love and gratitude above all else?

The key to replicating this exchange and expanding its reach lies with individuality.  It lies in each person’s individual gift, spirit, or passion.  We, as a society, need to be turning this on, rather than pushing it aside.

We cannot tell kids any more that what makes them special makes them different.  We need to speak the truth – what makes you special, MAKES YOU SPECIAL!  And it should be encouraged, supported, and loved.

We cannot tell adults that what they are passionate about can only be a hobby.  Again, we need to speak the truth – what you are passionate about, HAS INFINITE POWER!  And it should be encouraged, supported, and loved.

So, this is my mission.  I fight for it every day.  To work with people to take their individuality and turn it into a way to support themselves – to encourage, educate, and support.

As part of my mission, I want to share the message that was not shared with me:

Hold on to what makes you special, it is an asset.

Hold on to what makes you unique, it is more valuable than any work of art, diamond, or limited edition Star Wars memorabilia.

Hold on to what you are passionate about, it can light up the world!