Does anyone else live by to-do lists? I know that many of us with a 9-5 can’t live without them. Some make daily lists, others make monthly or weekly lists. We load them up with everything we can possibly think of without thinking about prioritizing – putting what NEEDS to be done first rather than the first thing that comes to mind.


You can’t possibly complete every task that you create for yourself in a day, so you fall behind, and your list gets even longer. Meanwhile, the things that really need to get done start piling up. The cycle of anxiety starts before your head even hits the pillow at night.


When your plate gets full, prioritizing helps you make decisions about what has to happen today, tomorrow, next week, or next month. Here are some tips on how to best prioritize, plus how to know when something should be kicked off your list for good..


  1. Find Your To-Do List Style:

There are many applications, planners, or just plain ole pen and paper lists out there that can help you stay organized. I would try each one of these and see which suits you best, which is the most practical for your life and stick with the one you like best. Then make sure you use whichever application you choose every single day so it becomes a habit.


  1. Prioritize Your Needs:

 If you’re the type of person who gets to the end of your day and realizes that you forgot to eat lunch or drink enough water, there’s absolutely no shame in putting these things on your to-do list!!

The reason for making priorities is to ensure that your day goes as smoothly as possible and that you tackle everything that needs to happen. Drinking water and eating are among those things. Many people forget to add self-care to their to-do lists. So go ahead and add some of your favorite self-care tips on there RIGHT NOW.


  1. Recognize When Something’s Just Never Going to Get Done:

If something is on your to-do list and you keep shuffling it from one day to the next, followed by shuffling it from one week to the next, recognize that you may be avoiding it for a reason. Whatever that reason maybe. Just remove it from your list. Simple as that.