Transparent.  Efficient.  Personal. ​Flat Fees Only.

Our fees are based on our three core values of transparency, efficiency, and personal relationships with our clients.

 We want to meet you, get to know you, and get an idea of what the issue is.  From there we will design a custom flat fee package to address your concern.  We will then give you your rate up front so you know what you are paying.  You will never be surprised by a bill.  We believe transparency in billing is made possible through efficiency in overhead and encourages personal relationships with clients based on trust.

 We know that legal issues are unique just like every person is unique.  Whether it is your creative vision for your business or idea, your family’s financial future, or your desire to make sure you are getting the insurance coverages you deserve, you simply cannot rely on cookie cutter legal services.


Practice Areas

We first and foremost serve San Diego businesses.  Nothing is more exciting that working with someone who has a creative or innovative idea that they want to bring to a reality.  We are here to make sure you know that entrepreneurial life is achievable.  You don’t have to be a Fortune 500 company or millionaire to develop a legal infrastructure that benefits your business.  Reach for the stars!  We’ll help build your ladder!
 Our practice is designed as a vertical model to provide small business owners and entrepreneurs with a resource to assist them from entity choice, to formation, to contract drafting, to litigation, and beyond.
What gets us going in the morning is the opportunity to use our skills and knowledge to support local businesses by providing them with the framework necessary to grow and expand in the future.
We practice preventative law.  We know that putting in the work at the outset can drastically limit potential liabilities in the future.



• S-Corporation Formation
• S-Corporation Formation
• LLC Formation
• Benefit Corporation Formation
• Corporation Formation
• Forming A General Partnership, Limited Partnership, or Limited Liability Partnership
• Prepare Shareholder Agreement
• Prepare Multi-Member Operating Agreement & Formation
• Draft Corporate Minutes or Resolutions


• Draft Simple Demand Letter
• Draft Complex Demand Letter (unique legal research required)
• Business Collection
• Business litigation


• Forming a Non-profit Corporation
• Forming a Non-profit Corporation
• Prepare & File Application for Tax-exempt (i.e. 501(c)(3) status
• Prepare Grant Policy, Gift Policy, & Associated Application Form


• Review Real Estate Contract & Provide Written Comments
• Review Real Estate Contract & Provide Written Comments
• Draft Basic Contract for the Sale or Purchase of Real Property
• Draft Basic Residential Lease
• Draft Commercial Lease
• Review Lease


• Contract Review with written comments
• Simple Asset Purchase Agreement
• Complex Asset Purchase Agreement
• Contract Drafting & Negotiating
• Promissory Note & Security Documents


• Basic Employment Contract
• Non-Competition Agreement
• Basic Independent Contractor Agreement
• Employee Handbook with Acknowledgments & Forms
• Employee Drug & Alcohol Policy
• Anti-Violence Policy
• Employment plaintiff litigation
• Employment defense litigation
• Offer Letter & Job Description


• Prepare Non-Disclosure Agreement
• Prepare & File Trademark Application
• Draft Trademark Assignment
• Prepare & File Copyright Application


• Estate Plan Package (Last Will & Testament, General Durable POA    for Property, Durable POA for Health Care Decisions, Living Will)
• Estate Plan Package (Last Will & Testament, General Durable POA    for Property, Durable POA for Health Care Decisions, Living Will)
• Mirror Documents for Spouse
• Last Will & Testament (simple)
• Last Will & Testament (complex)
• Living Trust with Pour-Over Will
• General Durable Power of Attorney for Property
• Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care Decision
• Living Will
• Special Power of Attorney for Child Care
• Probate litigation