Your in-house counsel on your terms.  This one is for all the entrepreneurs and business owners out there.  Ever have a legal question, but thought twice about calling an attorney because it was going to cost too much?  Or does your business require routine counsel with an attorney but the bills are pushing your overhead too high?

 As an on-demand member with DuFord Law, your business gets access to our legal team for all legal issues that may come up.  Call us, text us, message us, e-mail us, and ask your question.  We will get you an answer to your question, and you will never be surprised by a bill at the end of the month.

As a business owner, you should not have to put your fear of being billed ahead of legal issues that affect your bottom line.  We are breaking that cycle.  Starting at $350/mo, let us be your outside counsel and lean on us for your in-house needs.



Once you become an on-demand member you get access to your team for counsel on your business's legal issues. Your monthly includes all consultations, document and contract review, research, and recommendations.


Receive regular risk assessment reports analyzing potential future issues. Get the advice you need on preventative law solutions to protect your business in the future.


Additional services, including document preparation, contract drafting, business formation, negotiations, or any other services provided by us are available to members at a 20% discount.


Gain the peace of mind of not being billed for each and every phone call and e-mail. Membership is one flat rate billed on a recurring monthly basis. Additional projects are billed at the discounted rate along with the monthly membership fee.

The $50 consultation fee rolls over to your flat fee package if you retain us after our initial meeting.

Choose the plan that best fits your business needs

Business Basic


Access  to  our  team  for  your  business’s  legal  issues  equalling  2  hours  per  month.

Annual risk assessment report

Business Preferred


Access to our team for counsel on your business’s legal issues equalling 4 hours per month.

 Quarterly risk assessment report

Business VIP


Access to our team for counsel on your business’s legal issues equalling 8 hours per month.

 Quarterly risk assessment reports.

Our Services

Intellectual Property

Contracts & Agreements

Business Litigation

Employment Issues

Business Start-up & Governance

Real Estate Law

Estate Planning

Non - Profit & Text Exempt Org.

Why You Need Us

Our On Demand Service invites you to establish a relationship with a team you can trust. You may not currently be experiencing legal concerns, but as a small business owner or entrepreneur, you don't want the unexpected to stunt your development.

Our subscription based services give you the option of contacting us when the good and not so good situations come up. We are accessible to you on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.

We will be on stand by to help you move past any obstacles and help what matters most to you continue to grow!

What Our Clients Have to Say

  1. “It was a delight working with Kelly and Craig DuFord. They were very professional, easy to talk to and friendly. They really knew the ins and outs of the process involved in my particular case and gave sound advice.”

    Brian M.
  2. “The DuFord Law group are great at what they do. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for skilled attorney who is a good communicator.”

    Milke M.
  3. “I was so happy to learn that they occasionally host workshops for interested prospective and current clients who were just trying to learn more. I attended the business formation workshop hosted at a neat local small business. I found their insight and accessibility so incredibly helpful.”

    Bri C.
  4. “Kelly and Craig are a great team! I needed a situation handled in a timely manner and I was taken care of at end of day. I was impressed to say the least. Their team effort in handling my situation gave me peace of mind and for that I will use Duford Law for any and all future legal services.”

    Kati H.
  5. “Kelly and Craig are extremely intelligent and talented lawyers with a wide variety of experience.”

    Jenna B.
  6. “Kelly and Craig were sensitive to my needs. I appreciate their dedication and love to practice law. I definitely will recommend them to anyone in needing a(n)…attorney”

    SJ D.

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