A lot of people think that being “busy” or “productive” is something they THINK they should be doing. How often do we hear “I wish I had more time” or “there aren’t enough hours in the day” – Very often, don’t you think?

Think about the time that you get for yourself – are you still working? Checking on work emails, checking your calendar and slack.  All the time that we gain, we quickly lose when we do those things. Most people don’t think about what they’ll actually do with their time once they save some of it, so it gets pushed away and we lose it.

For many people, having more time can cause more problems than having less time. When some people have too much time on their hands, they get bored (we have all been there) then to keep from being bored, they fill up that time with more busyness – tasks, errands. Etc.  Once they get busy, they get overwhelmed and start looking for ways to save more time. And that is the cycle that many of many of us go through.

Is there a way out of this cycle? Of course: stop thinking about saving time for yourself and actually make the time for something SPECIFIC. Book a massage, a manicure or go see a movie. Saving 45 minutes so you can do more work really is just giving your extra time away. On the other hand, those 45 minutes become valuable when we spend that with friends, family or alone.

Our time is precious and we should keep it just that – precious and sacred. Our time becomes worthwhile when we use it to enjoy the things we love and make us the most happy.